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If you are currently a fundamental part of your dream job where you get an excellent salary according to the activities you play, and therefore do not need to think of any other option as viewing a stable and secure future … this interests; if instead you’re not from the privileged who are in that situation, that you still want more so.

The economic reality we have experienced in recent years, tells us that unfortunately no one we have secured our work (for more stable we feel it) … and if at this time be “indispensable” in your business, you probably will not be long so that status changes to “replaceable” since then can get someone younger and trained, with more energy, and be willing to work many more hours than you, for pay 3 times less than yours … and only for complete the idea, probably to the age at which you become “replaceable” very unlikely you’ll find work in some other company, at least with a salary similar to those that you were receiving (which incidentally defining your lifestyle benefits, which will continue at the same level, but without the income you general as), which will surely begin to cause accumulation of debts, personal frustration, social pressure, depression and probably more unpleasant consequences.

Really we do not want to be fatalistic, but rather to create a preventive consciousness among people who have a secure and stable work at this time, because this situation can give an unexpected turn at any time, to take them by surprise and that there were allowed to be prepared to solve it; for this reason we consider it best to have different options or a plan B to get ahead when it comes to present a situation as described in the preceding paragraph. In our article “What is the best investment?” You will find several options to start generating extra revenue from before you need them urgently.

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If you do not have big capital to create your own business or invest in real estate, one of the most interesting and accessible income generating options, which incidentally are “residual” … that is, you’re still winning by something you did in the past (like artists for his songs, the actors for your films or writers for his books), are companies Network Marketing or Multilevel incorrectly known as “pyramids” as the pyramids as such are illegal ways of obtaining money, and companies that manage those systems are getting rich illegally, so sooner or later end up scamming people who have decided to invest in such “business”, generating substantial losses of money.

Legal Multilevel business and well established can become an excellent tool for obtaining quite interesting additional income … and just to help remove a little prejudice towards these businesses (because they are shaped “pyramid” because everyone thinks that only “top” win), we put the example of your first job in a company where unless you are the son of the owner, you will find that until the end of the “Organization Chart” (or pyramidal structure socially accepted and respected) are the partners or shareholders, under them the director General or the directors of each area below them the managers below them supervisors under them Team Leaders and finally YOU! … So only as a reflection, who earns more in this “pyramid” structure par excellence? ‘THE TOP! Can you scale the company organization chart? Probably yes … but it will be quite difficult, and you have to deal with many bureaucracies, hold “favoritism”, go through large working hours and weekends without receiving overtime pay, and maybe when you’re about to achieve this, the company needs cost reductions and be of the “chosen” to be removed from the payroll. In a real MLM business, you can earn much more than “top” because it is up to you, only you should take it seriously (preferably as a profession) and not just as a hobby where you think you’re going to make you a millionaire From overnight; In fact, if someone assures you that … is not true, you’re lying and the best you could do is ignore it and stay away from that person.

There is currently a great “shock” financial realities that have spent years denying that simply do not want to accept, but if we do not act now, we will arrive soon to a point where we will not make ends meet because of such great changes that have respect to the model that we were “manufactured” from small (go to school and get good grades, to be a good employee for 40 years, until receiving an excellent retirement); In case you had not noticed, sorry be us who will say this … but that pretty story, just ‘AND THERE !!

We’re not saying you should quit your job … on the contrary, have a job and income security is a blessing today; however, whether we like it or not, it is best to assimilate and accept the new reality in which the world works for some years, complementing several options or different activities, to be prepared and achieve successfully move forward no matter what might come to pass.

Now we mention the characteristics of a multilevel business legal:

1) It has a cost: That is, you must make an initial investment with which you are purchasing your business, so you should be clear that you’re not investing that money for you to earn interest and that after a while can withdraw the entire amount, but like that any traditional business, require that money to acquire the tools that allow you to start activities (so it was a hamburger, you need at least a shopping, cooking utensils, ingredients, etc.); the advantage in MLM is that the cost to associate and to acquire your business is very low compared even with the example of the aforementioned burgers (less than $ 1,000 USD in most cases) … and if you arrive with the right expectations, there is little risk of not recovering your money invested, so that from then on you can start generating profits rather interesting.

2) You have to work and train: We mentioned in the previous paragraph the phrase “if you arrive with the right expectations” because unlike the widespread belief in this business (as in any other profession), you should educate yourself, stay updated, and work … only with much more freedom and flexibility than a conventional job requires us. As an example we mention any recognized doctor, who because of his career came to a point where you have no spending limits or need to stick to a budget, because your income exceeds any expenses that might make; however, we reflect a little on the time and effort it took him so, and seeing optimistic, they should not be less than 15 years of studies, specialties, practices, social services, and many sleepless nights or a long time without enjoying a vacation with your family, or many parties which have had to leave for an emergency operation. If you have the right approach, you can get to receive those revenues that make you be without financial worries much earlier than a doctor took him so, but with the difference that the doctor still tied to your business, while you have that freedom of time at some point they had such longing.

3) You must consume the product and / or service company: Any legal Multilevel company sells some type of product or service, so you should be aware that to receive your winnings, every month you will have to consume the product of the company; therefore it is highly recommended that before associating any business, you are convinced that you serve and you like your products or services, and not only will generate a new need in which you have to be “spending” your money every month.

4) You need to create a network: In any MLM business (note the concept you have), if you want to create the famous “residual income” you must create a network, i.e. a team and consumption, which preferably has your same aspirations, your own way of thinking and of seeing things, he is convinced of the growth potential they have as a team and who is willing to take the business in a professional manner, i.e. keeping trained and updated, but especially committed to its activity (like a job conventional, but with your own schedules) because if you can form a team with these characteristics, now if we can ensure that you are very close to reaching the much desired “financial freedom” which will allow you to do what you like without worrying about your income.

Here our recommendation is to look for people with whom you really like to work and do this activity, and do not cling to “meter” Granny and Aunt you know you have not the slightest intention of doing business, just feel that you’re doing well and you’re making money … we assure that this practice will take you straight to a very large and probably leave the business for the wrong reasons, by retiring with the idea that does not work disappointment, when I turn there many people in your same company that is making a lot of money (and you’ve probably associated with the same time or even after you), so it is only a matter of approaches and treat your business like a real business and not as a hobby “to see what happens.”

5) Should help your network to win: Every successful business leader Multilevel provides the right to help your new partner to learn and master the business, to the point where the person can do the same with your respective partners tools; if you manage your new partner make money and do this business in a professional manner, as a result you will be winning with him, so everything must be based on a philosophy of teamwork and Win-Win.

6) You must have a “dream”: It sounds like soap opera, but in practice it is true … if you have a “dream” that you really want, you’re going to turn into goals, which will keep you motivated and help you keep working to achieve your goal.

We know that some of these points can generate you mental “blocks” as “no time”, “I have no money,”that’s not for me” or simply “I do not like” … but if you never give yourself the opportunity to try different things, probably never going to be able to get the time and money you need to enjoy the things that are really worthwhile in life; and we do not say that necessarily have to be in this way, but what if we recommend is that you open your mind to make new and different current things we’ve done so far, rather than just relying on your work or activity because it can be very risky. On the other hand, if you agree to the above points and your thinking matches what there arises … CONGRATULATIONS! already have a very good way cattle against your lifestyle that you probably already have tired and slaved , so you can contact the person who sent this article to get you to learn more about your business opportunity.

If no one you sent this article and get here on your own initiative, we invite you to reflect a little on the aspects you do not like your life or current job and you’d get change, and on the reasons why you think Multilevel business could be helpful to improve your life.

We hope this article has been to your liking and help to remove some prejudices those who by nature have always had to “unknown” things. If you end up by deciding to become a member of a company Multilevel, our best recommendation is that you capacities and you become a professional, which will guarantee you success in your business.

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