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When you’re choosing new appliances for your catering venue, you will need to think about the costs and lifecycles these products have.  With lots of catering suppliers out there like https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk who provide an array of items you may be able to snap up a lot of your required appliances, however with a new freezer for your commercial kitchen, there is a wide variety to choose from. The market includes a number of brands, who all manufacture a range of models with different features and specifications. These all provide advantages to the user, but it’s important to choose the best model and brand for your requirements. Here we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the best freezer brands to choose from.


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Blizzard is one of the best selling commercial refrigeration brands on the market. They offer an excellent selection of products depending on the specifications you need for your commercial unit. Some of their models have an alarm installed to warn you when the temperature inside gets too warm. This is beneficial in commercial settings where the cost of food waste can be detrimental to a business. Freezing food effectively could save a business money and it’s important to ensure that everything is labelled and stored correctly so it is used at the right time. Their units are available in a variety of capacities, including 401, 492 and 675 litre models.


This is another popular choice for commercial settings. Their stock ranges from small scale freezers through to larger display units. The display freezers can be used either by your staff or to highlight items to the customer. They are fitted with either sliding or hinged glass lids, so that you can easily see the contents inside. There is also the option to have a lock fitted on the lid, to improve the security of the unit. On some of the Arcaboa models the temperature is displayed externally, allowing you to easily keep a check on how hot or cold the system is.


This manufacturer supplies a number of different commercial style freezers, which can be purchased from outlets such as fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk. Their models have a number of important features that are beneficial to the commercial market. These include fast freeze options, lockable lids, an adjustable temperature so that food is kept in perfect condition and an interior light that is mains operated. The freezers from Derby are available in a selection of capacities, ranging from 188 litres through to 490 litre versions.


Elcold produce a number of chest freezers for commercial kitchens. One of the biggest outlays for commercial settings is the cost of energy. Some 28% of the energy that is used within these kitchens is for refrigeration, so anything that can help reduce this cost is beneficial. The Elcold freezers have an effective insulation in order to keep the food at a constant temperature and the level can also be adjusted to meet your needs.


If you’re looking for an efficient commercial freezer that also has excellent security features then a Foster unit will achieve exactly this. Their units include integrated locks as well as benefitting from auto defrost features, which will save you time and ensure that the appliance continues to operate efficiently. The models in their range vary from smaller 272 litre units through to high capacity 455 litres versions.

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